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Our Very Own in the Spotlight

We’ve recently been luckily enough to be chosen to be interviewed by the Richmond Review. Worried about security? Keep reading for tips by our very own Gary.

Richmond Review - Integritas Security Group

Q: Our Company is interested in hiring a security guard to provide uniformed security services at our property, what should we look for in ensuring we get the right company?

A: There are numerous important factors that are important to look into to ensure you get the right company to represent your needs, first you must consider what your overall objective is for hiring security?  What is your company trying to achieve with having security on-site?  What are your company risks / vulnerabilities or exposure to losses?  Can security help mitigate those losses?
Factors to consider:
·         Is the Security Company licensed to conduct business in British Columbia with the Ministry of Justice (Solicitor General of BC) Security Programs Division? http://www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/securityindustry
·          Does each security guard working at the site have a valid security license?  Do they keep the license on them at all times? (A security guard is required to produce his / her license if requested).
·         What type of Insurance protection does the security company have in place?  They should have a minimum of $2 million in Commercial General Liability although a lot of companies have at least $5 million in coverage.  The Security company should add the client as an additional insured. 
·         Does the security company have WorkSafe BC insurance coverage?  If not, do you know that if there is a workplace accident involving their employees while conducting work on your site that your company will be held financially responsible for paying their claim?
·         Are the security employees bondable?  If they are working in a sensitive environment where they have access to confidential information or company property the security company should have bondable employees working at your site.
·         What type of training do the security guards receive? 
·          How much per hour are the security guards being paid?  Generally, how much the guards are getting paid effects the overall quality of service you receive.  If the minimum wage in BC is $10.25 per hour, factor in mandatory CPP, EI, vacation pay (4%) and Worksafe BC fees, insurance fees, profit, etc.  For example, if a company is charging you $12.00 per hour you might want to do the math and ask yourself where they are falling short; Somewhere down the line they are cutting corners.  Do they have proper insurance, are they licensed, are the guards getting paid the minimum wage , do the security staff have to pay for their own uniforms?  Your company should do due diligence prior to hiring a security company to ensure all the required coverage is in place.
·         Lastly, it is very important for security staff to have a good command of the English language.  In the event of an emergency situation, your security staff need to be able to communicate effectively with emergency personnel (Police, Ambulance, Fire) to relay important information.
Gary Lok is a licensed security consultant and private investigator, he has over 25 years experience in the security industry.
For more information please contact Gary Lok at gary.lok@isecuritygroup.ca
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