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Super mailboxes: cost savings means cutting security?

A CBC investigation has revealed 4,880 suspect incidents regarding the super mailboxes between 2008 and 2013. After the  announcements of the upcoming cuts in personal, Canada Post has also released the notice of new focusing on community mailboxes. The community mailboxes, also...
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Crime rate drops down while Vancouver aims to become the safest city in Canada

Canada’s crime rate is at its lowest in 40 years; while in Vancouver, police and the mayor say the city is safer now than it has ever been because of a crackdown on violent crime. The latest statistics show that Vancouver has seen in the past years a significant decrease in...
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A glass may warn you if your drink is laced

DrinkSavvy has developed a special glass and straw that will help to prevent drug-facilitated sexual assaults and other abuses “It must’ve been something in my drink” –  this is the most common excuse provided by the numerous people whom the day after a drug or alcohol...

How can a cat help to solve a homicide?

DNA readings from cat hairs are not a just a topic for TV-series, but they have once again helped to solve a homicide case, showing the increasing power of  pet databases’ to help solve crimes. All cat owners know that cats shed hair, especially in the spring and summer months...

“Smart” Helmets Detect Injuries Fast

Hockey, although not Canada’s official sport, is one that many Canadians enjoy. However, it has been noted that there are many dangers involved with hockey, mainly concussions due to fights or falling on impact. New technology from mc10 and Reebok helps detect injuries by...